"I just wanted to share a little about the joy your Signature Coconut Cake brings to me. I consider myself a baked goods aficionado but in all my travels I have yet to find anything comparable to your Signature Coconut Cake. It's just delicious and exactly what the "doctor" ordered for when I am in need of some good comfort desserts...too good to share. Thank you for the glimpse of what baked goods in Heaven must be like!"



"These are not your ordinary cakes.You will not be disappointed.When the Lauras put their names behind something you can count on it being amazing!! These cakes are delicious! Your taste buds will thank you."


Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Have you ever taken the final bite of cake, and suddenly realized that piece was the last one and now all you are left with are the memories?  Yet somehow the memories are not enough and you begin to stare at the empty plate and try to will it back so that you can relive the joy once more. But nothing works and the plate remains barren and vacant. At this point I literally carry the empty plate throughout my house wailing loudly, "My cake is gone! My cake is gone!"


"I wish the aforementioned scene were not true. But every single time I finish up the final piece of the Signature Coconut Cake, all I am left with is desire and longing. It is that good. I never even knew I liked coconut until I had this cake 6 years ago. Now it is the only dessert I request anytime we are together. I crave this cake. I dream about pairing it with a cup of coffee in the morning and how nothing can ruin my morning when it starts this way. When I have said cake in my possession, I hoard it. I hide it. I tell my kids it has apple cider vinegar in it so I don’t' have to share it. I savor every bite."


"This is not your average cake. This is a cake you relish paired with a cup of coffee as you start your day. You will not find this cake at a party for a child. You will not find this cake at a church potluck. You will not find this cake at the monthly office celebration of birthdays. But you could. You could be that person who brings the one dessert that everyone raves about. This cake is more than a dessert. This cake is a serendipitous event." 


Westminster, Colorado